Instructional Videos

Various helpful instructional videos I've recorded for you and your birth partner

Perineal Massage Instructions

A short video on how to do a perineal massage / perineal stretching, this popular instructional video shows you the best techniques for stretching the perineum prior to the birth.

This allows the perineum and labia to be more elastic for when you’re babies being born.

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You need to Practise, Practise Practise

HypnoBirthing isn’t just about reading the book, or showing up to the classes, you have to put the preparation in at home as well.  Only 30% of the work is done in class, the rest is down to you.

Breathing, Massage, have a top-up with you HypnoBirthing teacher and read, read and read some more.  There are plenty of videos you can watch as well.

Practise Practise Practise to get the outcomes that you want and share this resource with others.

Raise your platelet count

I had low platelets when I gave birth to my son Freddie.

In response to a question on my Facebook page, I recorded this quick video with some advice.

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Light Touch Massage

In this video I remind you about the important of practicing light touch massage.

So why not get comfortable and with your birth partner and relax your body completely.

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