I’ve uploaded a vlog in support of Amy Fleming’s piece in The Guardian “My first labour was harrowing. Hypnobirthing made my second like a dream

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Hi, I’m compelled to Vlog about Amy Fleming’s piece in The Guardian

So Amy Fleming is a Hypnobirther who’s had two births, the first birth is something where, she’d had intervention and it was really challenging for her, so I want to share that that is bascially something that Hypnobirthing teachers like me deal with all the time.

Couples have their baby, they plan for a birth that’s kind of at the birth centre, probably not at home.  Some women are unaware of a birth centre which is just midwifery led.  So they do a labour ward birth, which is really for high risk babies or high risk mums and then… there is a kind of cascade of intervention, that the phrase in the “birthing world” which kicks in.

And yet it’s really helpful when it’s needed, but other times you’re just stuck on a clock and maybe, what would have been better would have been to deal with any fear or anxiety that might impact on your labour.

So Amy Fleming in her piece in the Guardian, entitled “My first labour was harrowing. Hypnobirthing made my second like a dream”

I really really can’t recommend enough doing a hypnobirthing class, and practising, reading the book and partners, birth companions.  If’ you’ve got a husband, girlfriend. mum, sister, doula.  If they don’t know what Hypnobirthing is, then you need to get them to involve themselves with the programme.

It’s no use to just go along with it, or highlight passages in your hypnobirthing book that you think he or she, your birth companion might find useful.  They are in charge of keeping things calm around you so that you can concentrate as the birthing woman on being calm and strong and confident and relaxed!

So that’s the point!

Amy’s experience was linked to something that Grantly Dick-Reed wrote about, he was this ‘maverick doctor’ and he wrote a book called “Childbirth without Fear: The Principles and Practice of Natural Childbirth” and everyone laughed at him.  Because he understood that if you were relaxed when you were birthing then everything just kind of worked much better…. Interesting!

But if you are frightened and you’ve got people observing that you’ve never met before and some people even coming and having a jolly good intimate feel of you! And you wonder why your labour slows down and you go from having 3 surges every 10 minutes to 1 in 20 minutes.

These are the things that impact on a first time mum… A LOT and first time dads, lets remember the dads and the birth companions.

I’d implore you to have a read of Amy’s article and if you are pregnant or know of someone who is pregnant then book a hypnobirthing course.

Sometimes people say “Oh it’s too expensive”, maybe, but then the voice in my head says that it might cost you a fortune to recover from a traumatic experience in psychotherapy, CBT.  So think long term and take responsibility for the birth of your baby.

Lots of midwives know about Hypnobirthing now, not all of them so never assume that your midwife knows what your hypnobirthing techniques are.  Have your birth companion share them.

That’s it from me, that’s my little piece to support everything thats in the article

I think I’ve had a dozen of my students email me a link to the article now saying “have you seen this” and yeah, I have and I’ve come across her story a couple of hundred times.

Happy Birthing x

Sophie Siganture